Castel Jidvei佳德维-古堡珍藏系列

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发布日期 : 2011-12-05


所在地 : 广东广州市
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成立时间 : 2012-08-10
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For the pereparation of these reserve wines, the best grapes of exceptional quality vintages are selected and processed by means of pneumatic presses, collecting only the free run grape juice, obtained exclusively by crushing, without pressing, The wines is preserved in barrels, for a 3 to 6 months maturation. Then it is immediately bottled in order to preserve its freshness, sweetness and nobleness. The bottles, sealed with a cork of the highest quality and waxed to provide total sealing, are left for ageing at least 3 years. The wines from this collection are: Feteasca Alba, Muscat Ottonel, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.
为了酿造古堡珍藏系列葡萄酒,佳德维酒厂精选年份最好的葡萄,采取气囊压榨的方式取出葡萄自流汁(葡萄破皮之后未经压榨而自动流出来的汁液). 葡萄酒在橡木桶中陈酿3-6个月。装瓶时使用质量最好的橡木塞,然后以蜡封存,窖藏至少三年以上。所用葡萄品种分为:白姑娘、奥托麝香葡萄、雷司令、长相思。


  • 产品类型 : 白葡萄酒
  • 产品产地 : 罗马尼亚
  • 产品年份 : NV
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  • 酒庄 : 佳德维酒庄 JIDVEI
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  • 酒精度 : 度
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